Important facts every Lasik patient should know

Anyone looking ton undergo lasik surgery to completely restore their visual acuity needs to be cognizant of two imperative responsibilities. One is to select the best surgeon and second is to understand the essential elements needed to recover after lasik.

Lasik is a simple and quick eye surgery procedure that aims to correct your vision impairments thereby allowing you to enjoy perfect or near perfect vision. Though it is regarded as both safe and effective, eye care experts do explain that the success of your lasik procedure will also largely depend on how you help your eyes recover after the procedure.

According to, the first step to safe and efficient lasik recovery is to understand the procedure itself. As a prospective patient, it is your obligation to learn as much as you can on the conditions, procedures and even the risks involved in getting lasik. You can get this vital information directly from your lasik physician though you can also do additional research on your own. On the actual day of the surgery itself, your surgeon will give you a set of instructions and reminders on how you can help your eyes heal after the procedure.

Here are just some questions you would need to ask from your OKC lasik doctors.

1. Are there any side effects to be expected after the surgery?

2. How long will the recovery period be?

3. What post-operative symptoms should I be wary of?

Common After-Care Advice Instructions for Lasik Patients

Each lasik physician will have their own sets of guidelines that you need pay close attention to but here we highlight the most basic ones.

1. Give your eyes enough time to heal by keeping it rested. A good and relaxing sleep right after the surgery can boost your eyes’ healing time.

2. Wear a protective eye gear to prevent scratching or rubbing your eyes.

3. Keep your eyes lubricated at all times to prevent dryness that can irritate your eyes.